A Good Ass Massage

A good ass massage is…

Pleasurable pain

Torturous tenderness

Condensed into the fingertips of a silent practitioner.

It is fire on the skin

Mining into the bedrock of knotted muscle.

A good ass massage will make you pray

Beg for forgiveness

Make you breathe

Make you hold your breath

Make you count seconds

Make you want to tap out.

A good ass massage haunts you like a ghost

Gives you goosebumps

Sends shivers down your spine

When you recollect it

Ten years later.

A good ass massage will make you see stars

Feel stars

Soar through stars

Become a star

Before returning waking up back on earth.

It is expressed in exhales

Shaking heads, sighs and

“Damn, that was good”.

A good massage makes you think

Think of sex and serenity

Sensuality and surrender

Sacred sounds, serpentine streams

Sunrise, sunsets, daylight and good drinks.

It is the healing of a sovereign nation

Spiritual physical alchemy and algebra

Reuniting separate parts

Easing clandestine pain

Releasing freedom of movement


Stretching and intensity

Good great, hot damn fantastic

Having you ready to schedule another

Before you get your ass off the table.